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Last change: 01 January 1970

Christian centre for handicap people "Grace"

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The Christian centre for handicap people "Grace" having its seat in Plovdiv , Bulgaria registered under company file ¹ 3703 /2001 with Plovdiv District Court represented by the manager Stefka Stoicheva.

We are Christian supradenomination charity organization, created to help handicap people, to work for their spiritual and cultural development.

It is difficult for me to tell you the story of the creation of the Christian centre for handicap people "Grace". It is difficult for me to explain how the idea for its creation came into my mind. I could only say that it began long before the registration of the center. In 1993 I began to record on cassettes sermons that had made me strong impression with the desire other people to hear them and to acquire further knowledge about Christianity. Gradually the number of cassettes grew. From England began to send me books in Braille, while other Christian organizations sent me books with normal type and that's how was formed a library. There were more copies than I needed and I began to send as a gift to those who wanted. In that way began to function one Christian service.

Who is your God?

If your God is Jesus, you will want to stay with us and will visit us from now on. He is our God and Savior. We are Christians in other words followers of Jesus Christ and believe in the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One God who has three faces – the creator of the universe and the natural laws. The Savior and the Redeemer of mankind. The leader of God's sons.

If you have another God we invite you to leave on the side of Jesus. You will learn who is He, why He came on earth and lived as a man, what was His mission and where is He now. You will learn why we need Him and what his promises are. Then you will believe in Him, will love Him, and will follow Him forever.

Jesus loves you.

“Come you all who are arduous and burdened and I will comfort you .”
(Mathew 11 28)