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WELCOME to Christian centre for handicap people "Grace" web site

child photo with specialized softwareOn this site you will find the Bible, you will be able to read the magazine “Grace”, you will find interesting Christian books and teachings and will find information about the activities of the center, the Christian conferences and new books in the library.

You will learn many things for blind people - about their abilities and about the Braille alphabet. You will see how they read and write, what technical devices they use.

You will read and feel the pleasure from the masterpieces of many talented authors.

Here you will find links to many useful and interesting sites.

Stay with us!


- 01.03.2006 - Start of the new web site of Christian centre for handicap people "Grace".


Who is your God?

If your God is Jesus, you will want to stay with us and will visit us from now on. He is our God and Savior. We are Christians in other words followers of Jesus Christ and believe in the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One God who has three faces – the creator of the universe and the natural laws. The Savior and the Redeemer of mankind. The leader of God's sons.

If you have another God we invite you to leave on the side of Jesus. You will learn who is He, why He came on earth and lived as a man, what was His mission and where is He now. You will learn why we need Him and what his promises are. Then you will believe in Him, will love Him, and will follow Him forever.

Jesus loves you.

“Come you all who are arduous and burdened and I will comfort you .”

(Mathew 11 28)

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